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VESL Prone Laydown Paddleboard 14'0


The VESL prone 14'0 paddleboard is great for lakes, harbors, bays and oceans.

Great for the everyday paddler who wants to put in some miles or the competitor who wants glide and stability for your local race. With a flat bottom and high volume rails the board is very stable and easy to knee paddle. 

If you are looking to get into prone paddleboarding or looking for a great fitness board then this is the board for you.  Board Weight 26 lbs.


14'0" x 20.75" x 8.7"243L 



Top - 4oz Glass 


         4oz Glass

         PVC + Kevlar Standing Patch

Core - High Density EPS Foam

Bottom - 4oz Glass


                4oz Glass


Included Paddleboard Chin Pad & Headrest

Releive pain and stress on your neck with this comfortable rubber chin pad headrest while paddling prone on your paddleboard.


Included Prone Keel Fin

The swept back design keeps it free from sea grass.







“I just received the stock prone 12’ from VESL. I’m not going to talk about value for money etc as that is easy to see. I truly believe they do a disservice to this board by saying it is not a good board to race. In my first time out I was able to sustain 4.7mph got it up to 5.5 snd 5.7mph in dead flat water. I’m a 64 year old life long athlete in various sports and have a “ fleet” of paddlecraft from Surfskis to unlimited paddle boards and wanted to add a prone to get different experience and to work other muscle groups. I do find the board “lively” and does take some getting used to, I find it not rock solid barge like stable, which is a very good thing as it will help me hone my technique. I did wet sand with 1200g very lightly as I felt some grit, dust on the board. It was very slight and just manufacturing residue. This is a good product and I commend Jeff, the board designer for creating this. I would like to see” not wanting to race” removed from the product description as I truly believe this board would excel in big water conditions. I will post up some videos in a couple of weeks. Cheers y’all from Western North Carolina, Thad Johnson”

VESL 14'0 Prone Paddleboard Seafoam Glossy Finish

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